4 Makeup Secrets For Beginners

4 Makeup Secrets For Beginners

Whether you’re a total beginner or a professional makeup artist, this article will give you the insider’s secrets to the best-looking eyes and skin. Learn more about these essential Gomar makeup products. This article will cover the importance of primer, eyeshadow, Setting spray, gel eyeliners, and eyebrow pencils. These products are not only essential for the pros but for beginners, as well.

Eyeshadow primer:

Using eyeshadow primer before applying any shadow is important for a smooth and even application. The primer makes the eyeshadow adhere better to the skin. You can use a concealer or foundation as an eyeshadow base. When starting, it is important to buy four basic eyeshadow shades: a lighter-than-skin shade, a matte mid-tone shade, and a black matte shade. You can also invest in a facial highlighter if you want a natural look. You must also have the right brushes to apply the makeup on the eyelids.

Setting spray:

Setting spray is a versatile tool that can extend the wear of your makeup. It can offer a matte or dewy finish. Finding a spray that suits your skin type and makeup-wearing needs is key. For oily skin, look for an oil-free formula. People with combination skin can experiment with different sprays to find the best one for their skin type. Most setting sprays are made for all skin types.

Eyebrow pencils:

The newest makeup trend, brow lamination, has made eyebrow pencils an essential tool for beginners. They are waterproof and smudge-proof. This versatile makeup product can also give your eyebrows a lift instantly. You should apply a few lines along the top of your brows to achieve the look. Then, use small strokes to fill in any sparse spots.

Gel eyeliners:

Gel eyeliners are a great way to practice your liner skills. They are easier to apply than other liners and set harder than traditional pencils. If you want to get the precise look, gel eyeliners are a great way to practice. Beginners will find them helpful in developing their skills and gaining confidence. 


For most beginners, concealer is the first category of makeup they purchase. It is great for hiding discoloration around the eyes, fine lines, and age spots. It is also a great base for eye shadow, lipstick, and contouring products.