4 Things You Should Know About Hiring AV Companies

4 Things You Should Know About Hiring AV Companies

When hiring AV companies in Dubai for your next event, it’s important to ask hard questions. For example, is your venue equipped with the best equipment? And does the entertainment bring their equipment? If so, AV companies should ask hard questions about this as well. Not only can this save you money, but it can also prevent you from double-dipping.

AV Rental Company should have a list of past clients:

A reliable AV rental company should have a long list of clients. Ideally, it should be a three-year-old company with a strong leadership team and a shared vision. It should also have a clear list of its annual revenue and profits and identify how many people are employed. It should be able to provide you with detailed answers to your questions, both before and during the event.

Ask for references:

Before hiring an AV company, ask for a list of references. Whether you have a wedding, company event, or a school play, previous clients can give you an honest assessment of how the services of the company have fared. This information can help you avoid problems later on. You should also ask about overtime rates, miscellaneous charges, and the rate of custom design builds. Depending on the nature of your event, you may be asked to provide logos or brand styles. In addition, clarify who will provide video footage and other graphical elements.

Understand their policy on labor costs and setup times:

If you hire an AV company, you must understand its policy on labor costs and setup times. Some AV companies will itemize their labor costs by breaking down the equipment they’ll be bringing to your event into separate categories. Another thing to note is that AV companies don’t always use the same standard format for quotes. It’s important to clarify these policies before signing a contract. Also, you should provide an AV company with a full event schedule to give them a clear idea of when they’ll need to set up equipment and when they’ll need to take a break.

Know your budget:

Before you hire an AV company for a corporate event or a private function, you should know your budget. While AV companies will quote prices based on your needs, they may also charge extra for moving equipment. Knowing your budget beforehand will help you avoid any unforeseen costs. If you need a hologram or large screen, tell the AV Company in advance and be sure to clarify your requirements.