How Can Residents Benefit From Amer Centres In Dubai?

How Can Residents Benefit From Amer Centres In Dubai?

Amer AE offers services to residents that make visa processing a breeze. They offer services such as visa renewals and entry permits. What’s more, the government has invested in the centers by hiring highly-skilled staff. The government also monitors the performance of the centers to ensure that they provide good service and follow regulations. Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted to ensure that the centers are offering exceptional service to their clients.

Amer Centres in Dubai make visa processing easier:

Amer Centres in Dubai have made visa processing easier for residents by offering mobile services. In the past, visa applicants had to visit the Immigration Department to submit their documents. Now, residents can apply for visas online and get the process started on their smartphones. The app will help residents submit the necessary documents and schedule appointments. 

They offer visa renewals and entry permit services:

The government of Dubai has opened Amer Centres in various locations around the country to provide a convenient option for visa renewals and entry permits. These facilities are staffed by trained staff and use smart equipment to ensure a seamless process. The centers aim to process over 6,000 transactions a day. They also have self-service kiosks for customers who want to complete a process themselves. The Amer Centres offer different services for UAE nationals, including services for passport applications, visa renewals, and visa cancellations.

They employ national cadres:

In Dubai, Amer Centres provide employment opportunities for national cadres. These employment centers are supervised by national cadres and operate according to the Stars certification system. The administration is promoting the need for national cadres and the benefits of employment in Amer Centres among young voters.

They are a one-stop-shop:

The Amer Centres are government offices with Emirati staff, and they offer self-service kiosks and application assistance for residents. These offices are overseen by the government and private investors. The government aims to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. The new service model enables residents to get services that once required two separate visits. 

They are monitored by mystery shoppers:

Government agencies have started monitoring Amer Centres in Dubai to improve service levels. They hire mystery shoppers to observe customer service, hygiene, and employee training. Any Amer Centre that does not meet certain standards is subject to sanctions. Those who meet the standards receive rewards. The government wants to ensure that every Amer Centre is running smoothly.