Tips & Tricks For Installing Interior Wall Wraps

Tips & Tricks For Installing Interior Wall Wraps

To ensure proper installation of wall wrapping in Dubai, you must ensure that the wall surface is smooth. A rough texture will make the image less visible. Another challenge is the dusty brick surface. An experienced installer can successfully navigate these issues. Proper application of wall graphics can also prevent distorted images. Depending on the size of the graphic, you can cover the entire wall or only a portion of the wall. 

Application surface:

Several factors play a role in determining the right application surface for interior wall wraps. The substrate, as well as the surface finish of the walls, are critical. Walls made of brick, concrete, ceramic tile, or laminate can serve as an application surface. Other types of surfaces include glass, laminate, and heavily textured concrete. Smooth textures are the easiest to apply to and offer the most consistent finish. 

Application method:

One important consideration when installing interior wall wraps is the quality of the installation. Wall graphics should be applied to a smooth, dust-free surface, otherwise, they will not adhere well. If the wall surface is freshly painted, make sure it has been fully cured for at least five days before installation. Professional installers are well-equipped to overcome these challenges. You can use graphics that cover the entire wall or just a portion of the wall, depending on the space and your desired effect.

Application surface test:

Before installing interior wall wraps, you must perform an application surface test. You should choose a sample that is two feet by two feet or larger. The sample must be the same print across all materials. After installation, the sample must be allowed to outgas and be laminated, if necessary. In addition, you must clean your walls to remove oil, residue, and lost particles. In this way, you can tell whether your wall wraps adhere well.

Cleaning off loose dirt and particles before applying decals:

Before you can apply interior wall wraps to your walls, you need to prepare them for their new look. The process begins by cleaning off loose dirt and particles on the surface. Wash down the wall surfaces with warm water and a mild detergent or wall-cleaning soap. After cleaning, squeeze out any excess water and debris with a microfiber cloth or duster. Rinse the surfaces with clean water and repeat the process if necessary.